At Hebron Orthodontics, we strive to provide a 5-star experience.  Below you will find reviews from some of our patients.

My experience is wonderful. Since the day I sign my contract I have no complaints. To be able to walk in an office and receive the warmest welcome is awesome. If someone is having a bad day you would never know. Dr. To, he is the best. Again it shows in his staff. I enjoy the different activities they have threw out the months. Although most of them are gear to the youth still enjoy them. This is a great office.  - Kim Nichols

I love being a patient here. This is my 2nd time in braces. My first time was through Apple Ortho and I hated my experience there. With Apple, I felt like I was just a number. At Hebron Orthodontics, I feel have more of a personal experience with Dr. To and the assistants. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone in search of an orthodontist. You would love the entire staff and your experience.  - Kacie Eubanks

Dr To pays great attention to detail and never rushes through an appointment or a treatment plan. I was so impressed with what he was able to do for my teeth with Invisalign. Beyond that, he has the best staff who are always friendly and remember my name!  - Emily Newcome

Getting braces at Hebron Orthodontics was a great experience. The staff were all very friendly, the atmosphere was inviting, and the orthodontic care was top notch. I highly recommend going here if you are looking to get braces.  - John Ashworth

I'm at the very end of my journey with braces but I am so happy that I found Hebron Orthodontics!! The experience has been nothing short of pleasant. Dr To and his staff is very professional, friendly, personable and very sterile. The decor and environment is very eye catching and always a theme. I love it here! Come on and join the team! You will not be disappointed.  - Passion Tyler

Hebron Orthodontics is an amazing place to get braces! The people there treated me kindly and were smiling all the time. They were okay with a lot of the times I had the appointments for (I'm really busy so the scheduling was difficult for me) but they had flexible times. I got my braces off and my teeth are straighter than ever. I totally recommend this place for anyone who's interested!  - Helen Nguyen

Really friendly staff and really glad they don't use needles. Everyone is so nice and careful when treating my teeth. Dr. To and his staff never keep me waiting a long time and making sure I'm comfortable. Their service is A1 and so far my experience with them has been wonderful.  - Henry Chau

I absolutely love Hebron orthodontics! Their people are so nice, and the appointments are so fast. One of my favorite things there is the tooth brush station. If my appointment is right after lunch I don't have to go home and brush my teeth I can brush them there! Also while I had my rods put on the nurse's gloves where purple and smelled like grape! Then Dr. To had green gloves and they smelled like mint! I highly recommend this place it is so kid friendly. 
- A. Campbell

I'm just now starting orthodontic treatment with Invisalign at this office and I'm very excited! I was referred to this office by a couple of my friends who told me they had very positive outcomes here. Dr. To was very thorough in the examination and consultation and I trust that my treatment will also yield positive results. The staff is very warm and friendly and I look forward to coming here for my treatment.  - Soyeon Shin

Dr.To and his team are amazing! They always make sure you're comfortable and never keep you waiting long. They break down the plan for you so you know exactly what's happening. Dr.To and the nurses there are always so respectful and helpful. I don't know any other orthodontist that would call you to make sure you're doing okay after you get your braces on. I love my smile now! Hebron Orthodontics is definitely a place I recommend!
 - Jocelyn Thomas

Dr. To and his staff are amazing! Everyone there is so friendly, patient, and helpful. Dr. To is very thorough and always takes the time to explain everything in great detail. I would definitely recommend Hebron Orthodontics!  - Karen Teed

My son and wife both have had their teeth corrected with orthodontics by Dr. To and his team. Since our initial consultation we have had an extremely positive experience. Dr. To provided our family with clear expectations for treatment and by comparison with other doctors, his services are more reasonably priced. I strongly recommend Dr. To and his friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff.  I can not say enough about this practice!
 - Mike Pierson

Hebron Orthodontics is an great place to go for your orthodontic needs. Dr. To is very friendly and great with children. He is very patient with each person's individual treatment plan to ensure that everything is done right the first time. Dr. To offers free consultations to potential patients and only recommends treatment that is needed. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how fair and cost effective Dr. To's pricing was. My daughter actually loves going to see Dr. To because he makes the experience fun for kids. Dr. To even holds a yearly patient appreciation party where all of the kids can get to know each other and have fun. If you have any orthodontic needs, visit Dr. To today!  - Jennifer Luette


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