We understand that you are seeking help to improve your snile and function of your teeth.  With many options to choose from, we understand it can be difficult to find who you can trust to be your guide through this transformation.  We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your struggles with your smile and perform a thorough examination with initial photos and xrays.  Dr. To processes those information, educates you on what an ideal smile/bite should be.  If needed, the appropriate treatment will be recommended that will make sense to you based on your orthodontic needs.   Having been an orthodontic patient as an adult and also a father of 3 beautiful children, Dr. To can empathize your feelings and concerns as a patient as well as a parent.


At Hebron Orthodontics of Carrollton, Texas (TX), you can expect 5-star service from every member of our orthodontic team. Our front desk team will kindly greet you to make you feel like you are beyond a welcomed member of the Hebron Orthodontics family. Our team of orthodontic assistants are sure to make sure you are comfortable and informed of your appointment itinerary. Then Dr. To will be informative and address any questions or concerns you may have about your braces, treatment and its progress. At the end of the appointment, you should expect nothing less than 5-star satisfaction! Read about what some of our patients are saying about what you can expect at Hebron Orthodontics.


While we accept many types of insurance for braces, we also understand the complicated steps with processing an insurance claim on your own. In the case where we are not in-network with your type of insurance, our team is glad to process your insurance claim for you. We will handle filling out the paperwork and submitting it on your behalf!


Whether you have insurance or not, we want to make sure that paying the balance for your braces is even less painful than the treatment itself, and that says a lot! To manage this, we offer several flexible and affordable payment options that will take the worry out of getting braces!


When it comes to the health and aesthetics of your smile, having experience is key. Dr. To and his team have helped improve over 20,000 smiles in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas areas in the past two decades! This experience allows us to properly diagnose your case and expertly recommend the best-suited course of treatment. With Hebron Orthodontics, you will be smiling brightly in no time!


We understand that each patient presents with different orthodontic needs.  Therefore, we have customized your treatment plan that will provide you with the best smile result.  If you are a teen and love to express yourself through colors, Empower Metal braces may be your choice.  Alternatively, if you are a teen or an adult who prefer more esthetic options for your treatment, Empower Clear or Invisalign may be better for you.   You can feel confident that whether you want the fastest treatment possible or the most discreet treatment available, we have you covered!


After completing 4 years of dental education and 3 years orthodontic residency, Dr. To has continued to committ time learn and adopt new techniques and technology through continuing education to provide you with the most optimal care.  With increased demand for Invisalign treatment over the years, he completed a Master Invisalign Course for a selected group of orthodontists so to broaden his knowledge and tools needed to treat patients.  It has helped him reach Platinum Tier which is reserved for the one of the Top Invisalign Providers in the nation.  Dr. To and his team will continue to invest the time to learn so we can provide you with the best orthodontic care and experience.  

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